Jazz for your event

JAZZTONITE offers many types of Jazz ensembles, from solo to sextet in the Los Angeles and SoCal regions.

Whether you need a world-class jazz piano trio for your party or a more upfront approach with a headlining singer or horn player, JAZZTONITE is your inside connection to the best of LA’s Jazz artists.

JAZZTONITE only hires the ‘best of the best’ in the Los Angeles area. We handpick these world-class jazz artists to meet your specific needs.

Matt Gordy, a drummer and director of JAZZTONITE.com, plays with these musicians and can attest to their impeccable musicianship. Jazz is one of America’s truest art forms.

The experience of live jazz at your party or function is like no other live music experience. Performing in the moment, these world-class jazz musicians draw upon a wealth of life experience and always ‘tell a story’ when they perform. They constantly reinterpret the Great American Songbook as a living and breathing entity.

“Performing in the moment, these world-class musicians bring a unique live music experience to each event.”

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