I am available for drum/percussion lessons and also piano, in particular jazz study. I have over 40 years of teaching experience from ages 9 years to adult. In the percussion field, I have studied with Vic Firth and Alan Dawson, two huge influences in my life. In the piano/theory/composition field, I studied with Charlie Banacos, who basically taught me everything you need to know about music, period.

My method for drums/percussion combines a mix of rudiments, other technical exercises, ‘groove’ oriented beats, ie. swing, rock, funk, fusion, latin, plus playing tunes that you need to know, trading and soloing.

My method for piano combines technique, learning the blues, chord changes, (both one & two-handed), ballad playing, improvisational studies and ear training.

My hourly rate is $60 for study at my studio in Winnetka, CA. I can travel for lessons, but my rate depends upon how far I have to travel.

“Matt was my first and most influential teacher. He taught me how to be a musician, not just a drummer.”
—Ryan MacMillan, drummer for Matchbox 20 and The PushStars.

Check out art classes taught by my wife, Cristina Gordy. She combines art classes along with spanish lessons at ArtspirationForAll.org

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