Chuck Manning


One of the busiest jazz tenor saxophonists? in Southern California, Chuck Manning has made?countless appearances as a leader and collaborations with other musicians such as?the Los Angeles Quartet, and his long-time collaboration with Swiss multi-instrumentalist?Isla Eckinger.

Chuck Manning?s new TCB Music CD ?Note?s from the Real? ?is a great one? writes the LAWeekly. ?Manning is a fine inventive tenor player. With Joe Henderson as his baseline, he plays a gorgeous ballad, can blow some brilliant and slightly understated post -bop frenzy, and can lay out the bop lines fresh?.

The Chuck Manning Quartet has recently returned from a successful promotional tour in Europe. ?When he?s leading his own quartet his horn is set so beautifully inside the understated arrangements that you can almost miss just how brilliant and even edgy his ideas can be?.solos build upon wholly original ideas, and whose book is made up of tunes you don’t hear played everywhere else?, LAWeekly.

Chuck has performed or recorded with such diverse musicians as?Alan Broadbent,?Cedar Walton,?Charlie Haden,?Alphonse Mouzon,?Conte Condoli,??Fransisco Aguabella,?Harold Land,?Jimmy Rowles?to name a few.

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